Why Your Accountants Will Thank You for Hiring a Document Management Service During Tax Season

While document management services benefit every department, no matter the industry, your accountants will undoubtedly be some of the most appreciative. In large part, they’re the ones that have to go through the most paperwork, sifting through financial documents and deciding what can stay and what should go — especially during tax season. Regardless of company size, if your accounting department runs like a well-oiled machine, so do your finances.

Security – Bye Bye, Key Rings!

Your accountants are responsible for keeping safe the documents with some of the company’s most sensitive financial information. Frivolously tossing bank statements into a locked file cabinet simply won’t cut it in the modern age. With an effective data management system, your documents will be scanned, digitized and catalogued so you can limit personnel access to sensitive information.

Not only does the records management system keep your financial statements safe from theft, it also keeps them safe from catastrophic events. Since all of your documents will be scanned and digitized, a fire, flood, or other natural disaster can’t touch your data.

Organization – Simplify Your Process

When it comes time for audits, it will be far less taxing on your employees. Tax season will be a breeze by ensuring you have all your documents in a central location and that they’re easily, yet securely, accessible. Bookkeeping is simplified as your financial statements, audits, and all relevant documents will be scanned into the records management system, allowing for easy indexing and remote retrieval methods.

Accessibility – Can’t Make it To The Office?

One of the major keys to any successful accounting department’s efficiency is consistent accessibility to the documents they need. They need to constantly retrieve and store files, sometimes remotely. With an effective document management system you can access your data remotely and even limit security clearance for certain files. With digital remote access and a good retention schedule, your company will run at a more efficient pace.

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