Paper Shredding Costs: DIY Vs Professional Shredding

Paper Shredding Costs: DIY vs Professional Shredding

Every office has some sort of paper shredder in order to thoroughly destroy old documents that contain sensitive and personal information. But did you know that utilizing a professional document destruction and paper shredding service can actually be more cost effective for your business and save time and money? When you factor in the benefits of using professional paper shredding, either onsite or off, DIY paper shredding suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing.

Save Time & Money with Professional Paper Shredding

How often do you shred your old documents? Between licenses, permits, financial information, insurance documents, staff info, and probably much more, there’s a good chance that somewhere in your office or on some old hard drives, there’s a treasure trove of outdated, sensitive information sitting around. This not only poses security risks but can interrupt office productivity whenever document retrieval is necessary or if old files cause clutter in your work environment.  

Many companies take paper shredding upon themselves by dedicating one or two employees to regularly shredding outdated documents. But this is not only a potential security breach; it’s also time-consuming no matter who in the office takes on the task. They have to take out paper clips and staples and slowly, manually feed a few sheets at a time into a slow-working shredder that was presumably purchased from an office supply store that periodically breaks down. Between pulling that employee away from their normal duties, the cost of their labor, the cost of shredders, and the propensity for errors, you’ve got a lot of wasted time on your hands. 

You’d be better off ordering a mobile shred truck to come to your office for occasional one-time document purges or secure shred bins for more frequent pickups. R4 Services’ professional paper shredders are secure and discreet and can free up your staff’s time while mitigating the headaches and costs that come with maintaining office shredders.

Keep Your Information Secure with Hard Drive & Paper Shredding

Never before has privacy been such a large-scale issue. With the advent of the internet, new technologies have been rapidly developing — and so too have the abilities of hackers and thieves. These days it seems like data breaches are constantly in the news, and those are only the widely publicized ones. Millions and millions of records are compromised each year, the vast majority of them without any type of file encryption. All it takes is one employee to click on the wrong link from the wrong spam email, and suddenly your business adds to the statistics. More and more data breaches happen each year, so taking every precaution to ensure your files are secure is crucial. An estimated 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a security breach. The last thing you need is to become compromised because you didn’t properly shred your banking info or fully destroy an old hard drive.

Our industrial hard drive and paper shredding equipment can handle any amount of data you can throw at it. R4 Services knows how sensitive your information is, which is why we:

  • Collect material to be shredded and securely transport it for disposal. A receipt of items received will be issued at the time of collection.
  • Confidentially shred the material under the supervision of insured employees.
  • Issue a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the destruction process.
  • Work with you to assist in your compliance requirements.

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