Is Your Office Space Shrinking? 3 Ways An Offsite Storage Facility Can Solve The Issue

As small businesses adapt to COVID-19 and the new corporate landscape due to COVID-19, office space may need to change as well. Allowing for more space between workers to adhere to safety procedures may have your office “shrinking”. Suddenly that brand new office space starts to feel small. An offsite storage facility can help solve the problem of your shrinking office space.

Office real estate costs can be astronomical, so it doesn’t make good business sense to spend money on rows of file cabinets full of papers that are not in rotation very often. Explore the option of storing documentation offsite, and you’ll see the price differences between office space in a highly sought after urban setting and storage fees for a warehouse in an industrial complex.

Frees Up Square Footage
As your business grows, you will need additional room for employees to work and to hold meetings. Storing documents offsite in a large warehouse gives you the chance to free up square footage to use for cubicles or conference rooms.

Expand Your Mind
At R4, we store millions of boxed records and active files in our secure warehouse facility, and we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades. We know exactly what it takes to organize and index files, and we have efficient systems in place to make retrieval of those files quick and easy. This takes one more task off your already full plate and leaves you time to focus on growing your business. The additional peace of mind can lower your stress and free your mind to focus more specifically on your business.

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