5 Reasons to Store Your Business Records Offsite

Just because company records and documents may not be top of mind doesn’t mean they are unimportant assets to your business. Like all valuable assets, they need to be properly protected. In terms of day-to-day operations, crucial documents like tax records, business licenses, banking info and employee paperwork do practically nothing; but a data breach of them could cost everything. Keeping your records offsite can be a great benefit to your business. Here are a few reasons why.

Security: Offsite, But Online

Around 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a data breach. In 2018 alone, more than 15 billion identity records were compromised; a 420% increase from the previous year. Identity records include personal, valuable data including things like social security numbers, banking info, names and email addresses, etc. This is the type of info that identity thieves and cyber criminals are after. 

It’s also a common misconception that cyber criminals are after the Targets, Yahoos, and Googles. These are more “white whale” scenarios, if anything. Instead, small businesses tend to be in the crosshairs because generally speaking, their cybersecurity infrastructure is elementary, outdated or altogether nonexistent due to the, I’m-too-small-time-for-hackers-to-target mentality. While this was true at one time, technology has advanced and therefore so have the hacker’s tools. The low effort and time it takes to breach a low-level security system is worth the risk and reward to them. Sure, hackers do target large corporations, but that brings attention and press. For an everyday criminal, the risk is not worth the reward, especially when they can just hack the store down the street and never see a headline about it in the papers.

When documents are stored offsite and monitored by 24/7 security, you have eliminated the risk of theft, and can provide your customers with confidence that their information is safe and sound. They can also remote access their files whenever they need to, via a secure internet browser that has customizable security settings, including accessibility via IP Address restrictions and even time of day or day of the week.

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Time = Money and You’ll Save Both

When your documents are stored offsite, they are also categorically indexed and organized for quick, easy retrieval at any time that you deem necessary. Instead of enduring the monotony of rummaging through file cabinets, file folders and dusty boxes, you and your employees are able to access records with a simple web request from a secure network that is set up based on your parameters. This stark increase in efficiency will allow your staff to streamline everyday tasks, resulting in heightened productivity and cost reductions.

Organization: Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Due to industry regulations, HIPAA for example, many businesses must store records for years, even if they are no longer actively used. But how do you organize all of that information, for both active and archived records? Leave that challenge up to the documentation management experts who can store and organize your records for you, yet still provide you with quick access for retrieval when needed.

Office Aesthetics: Creating A Happy Work Environment

When a new or potential client walks into your office, that first impression matters. When they see an office full of cluttered desks, towers of boxes, or rows of clunky file cabinets, that first impression may not be positive. A clean, clear, organized office presents a professional appearance that will gain respect.

Office space is expensive, and every square foot matters. If you can unload years worth of records into an offsite storage facility, you will free up valuable real estate that you can use for other needs.

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