4 Benefits of Document Scanning & Imaging Services

The number of workers who do their job remotely has drastically increased over the last several years, and it’s a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With remote workers becoming more common, businesses must be mindful about adapting their practices to accommodate these employees better. 

One way you can shift to remote work is through online record storage. Scanning and imaging all your documentation can feel like an overwhelming task, but the benefits outweigh the upfront commitment. Here are four benefits of using document scanning and imaging services for your business.

Quicker Retrieval for Important Documents

If your documents are scanned and available online, they are easy to find with a quick search on your computer. Forget about locating the right file cabinet, sifting through folders, and then shuffling papers to find the right document. Once documents are scanned and available online, they are easier to search through. 

When your documents are available online, you can perform a keyword search from your desk to instantly bring up the file you need. This gives you more time to spend on the other essential aspects of your business. Having your documents scanned and available online is a big time saver for companies whose workforce relies on home offices or has limited office space.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

A physical piece of paper can only exist in one location, but a scanned document is available to you anywhere and anytime. Today’s business world no longer revolves around routine 9 to 5 days with everyone working in the same location. With today’s more flexible work schedules, there is an increased need to access information around the clock.  Many employees also work from a home office or on the road. 

When your documents are scanned, you can still retrieve information online no matter where you are located. This is especially crucial for the many businesses whose workers are unable to exchange or make copies in a traditional office setting.​

Customize and Edit Your Documents As Needed

Paper documents need to stay in pristine condition, and if multiple people use them, you can’t make personal notes. But with an imaged file, you can add notes to a document and insert reminders or flags before you print. Scanning allows you to retain the original version of the file but also have an additional copy that is custom to your specific needs.

Create Backups for Critical Documents

If you’ve ever accidentally lost or damaged an important document, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, lost and damaged documents are an all too common workplace occurrence, so having all your essential documents securely backed up is a crucial layer of protection. R4 Services prioritizes the safety of your company’s information, and all of our document management is fully HIPPA compliant.

Scanning & Imaging Services with R4

The way of doing business continues to change, and having a solution like R4’s document scanning and imaging services is just one way to ensure that you’re prepared for the new work landscape and future changes to come.

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