3 Industries That Need Document Management

Every industry can benefit from one or more aspects of document management — whether you’re a construction company that needs quick, easy access to building plans while onsite; or if you’re a bank, responsible for the community members’ most sensitive financial information — you need a secure way to store current documents and destroy outdated ones. But if you work in any of the following three industries, there’s no doubt you it’s crucial to have a reliable document management system on your side.

Accounting Firms
Accountants don’t have time for sifting through mountains of paperwork — and the accounting sector does have mountains of it. They require efficiency, accessibility and organization. If there’s fat to be trimmed, there’s time to be saved, which is why scanning, indexing and storing crucial data offsite is the best possible option. R4 Services provides software that ensures secure, remote access 24/7 ensuring that tax season will be a breeze. Additionally, we make it easy to adhere to a document retention schedule — when it’s time for outdated paperwork to be destroyed, we’ll do it for you discreetly and securely. 

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated and filled with legal complications. When it comes to storing documents securely, healthcare professionals often feel as if they’re walking on eggshells, just waiting for the next compliance lawsuit to hit. They have to maintain patient confidentiality and rigid retention schedules for their documents. People’s lives hang in the balance, so disorganization is not an option. Accessing patient records securely and efficiently is only doable with the assistance of a dependable document management service like R4 Services. Our records storage facility will keep your sensitive information secure and centralized, ready for immediate, 24 hour access. Protecting your patients’ identities is priority number one and we’ll help you remain HIPAA compliant.

From staff and student records to lesson plans, textbooks, and more, schools of all levels and sizes are dependent on good document management. Efficiency is key to educational institutions’ success. They generally have stringent budgets, need to comply with strict document retention schedules, and university administrations are expected to work very quickly for the students that pay to be there. Having centralized data allows for ease and efficiency when working on student recommendations, grants, scholarships, communicating with parents, and any other task requiring paperwork.

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